An AI sensor-based solution using on-device computer vision to provide counting data and notifications to optimize or automate business operations

What we do

We build end-to-end connected AI-based solutions to optimize the processes of your company
We provide a plug-and-play optical sensor embedding an AI processor. The sensor is partly modular and can adapt to the specific constraints of your use case.
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Thanks to our accurate people and object detection models we can quickly develop your specified application targeting the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that you wish to optimize.
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We provide a customized API to rapidly increase your business operations. You can merge this data with your own data and set alerts & notifications based on events.
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How we do it

Our innovative approach of using embedded computer vision algorithms demonstrates multiple benefits


The system embeds neural networks trained to detect or count the people or items of your choice. Thanks to our sophisticated compression techniques, we achieve similar performance to Cloud-based AI.


The system is GDPR compliant by design. No video stream nor images can be sent to the Cloud. Only small and actionable data that matters to your business.


Costs of cellular connectivity and cloud storage have been reduced to their very minimum helping you to benefit from the highest and quickest Return-on-Investment.

Use cases

VizioSense's solution enables a wide range of use cases across all industries around counting & detecting people and items. Here are a few examples to feed your mind