Best-in-class connected sensor

Our sensor is the result of extensive R&D development and field testing

We provide a plug-and-play optical sensor embedding an AI processor. We adapt parts of this sensor, like the communication module and protocol, to your specific constraints.

A modular architecture

We have integrated breakthrough technologies in order to offer a low power and efficient sensor that best fits your needs

Machine vision

We customize and train the machine learning models to ensure a high accuracy for your targeted application

We customize a predictive model for your use case targeting the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that you wish to optimize. We work collaboratively to achieve your desired specifications

API & Dashboard

You can either integrate the data directly into your existing business tools & dashboards or access to our platform

We provide a customized API formatted in a way that will easily integrate with your existing business tool and rapidly optimize your business operations. Alternatively, we provide a platform for you to manage users rights, devices and visualize the data.


In these videos, we're showing what's happening inside the AI processor of our solution, which is the best way to attest of its accuracy.

How we work

Each new project goes through 4 steps whose timing depends on the similarity with previous ones

1- Value pools discovery

3-4 weeks

2 - Proof of Concept

4-8 weeks

3 - Solution implementation

4-12 weeks

4 - Solution Deployment

2-8 weeks